MPR Switching Sticks

Switching sticks make changing arthroscopic cannulas simple and quick. The cylindrical rods slip easily into the cannulas of both powered instruments and arthroscopic systems. Switching sticks hold portals while cannulas and instruments switch sides. Made in USA.


Custom sizes and tip styles (double blunt, double pointed, blunt on one end/pointed on other), for any need, are available. Stocked sizes include:


10150-3.5     11" Long, 3.5 mm Diameter (double blunt)

10150-4.0     13" Long, 4.0 mm Diameter (double blunt)

10150-4.3     11" Long, 4.3 mm Diameter (double blunt)

10150-5.0     13" Long, 5.0 mm Diameter (double blunt)


Close-up of pointed tip                            Close-up of blunt tip

SwitchingStickPointCU SwitchingStickBluntCU                   

Trials available.


A stable, time-proven orthopaedic product.


Designed by Dr. Lanny Johnson, M.D.

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  • Unit of Measurement: Pair