About MPR

Specializing in stable, time-proven orthopaedic products



Since 1991, MEDICAL PRODUCTS RESOURCE'S mission has been to provide quality products to our customers at a cost savings. MPR manufactures and sells the very finest orthopaedic, arthroscopy and med/surg products in the marketplace today.


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MPR's acquisition of a segment of the former company Instrument Makar has allowed MPR to expand our arthroscopy product line with stable,

experience-proven orthopaedic technologies. MPR is looking forward to serving you with these products and developing a mutually beneficial business relationship.


From the entire team here at Medical Products Resource, THANK YOU for the opportunity to serve you.


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VA Medical Centers



Our Team...



What do I enjoy about my job: Meeting so many wonderful people. 
Favorite Office Beverage: Green Tea.
Favorite 80's sitcom: Seinfeld.
Love about MN: The summers.
Hobbies: Anything with my family.



What do I enjoy about my job: I genuinely enjoy my time at MPR and love getting to know customers.
Favorite Office Beverage: Iced Grande Non-Fat Chai Tea with 2 extra pumps of Chai from Starbucks.
Favorite 80's sitcom: Punky Brewster.
Love about MN: The change of seasons, but Fall is my favorite. I love watching football so maybe that's why. Go Badgers!
Hobbies: Spending time with my beautiful baby girls, Quinn and Elin, my husband, cooking, travelling and eating out.


Shane2019 2


What do I enjoy about my job: Being able to help our customers find products they need at a discount.
Favorite Office Beverage: Gatorade G2.
Favorite 80's sitcom: Cheers.
Love about MN: Family, Friends and Fishing.
Hobbies: Hiking, Camping, Anything Outdoors.




What do I enjoy about my job: I enjoy most about working at MPR is that I get to interact with different people every day and provide quality products at a cost savings!
Favorite Office Beverage: Caribou Coffee K-Cup with Cream & Sugar.
Favorite 80's sitcom: The Cosby Show.
Love about MN: I love the beautiful downtown view of the Twin Cities at night.
Hobbies: Spending time with my family & friends.



What do I enjoy about my job: I enjoy the challenge of proving to a facility that our products and service is on par or better than "the big guys".
Favorite Office Beverage: Caribou Coffee K-Cup (breakfast blend) with a little French Vanilla Creamer.
Favorite 80's sitcom: Really tough to pick one, but I'll go with Cheers, and Three's Company a close 2nd.
Love about MN: The golf here is amazing!
Hobbies: Golf, Beach Volleyball, and travelling with my beautiful wife and daughters.


Peter Alt1


What do I enjoy about my job: Speaking with my customers and being a resource for their needs.
Favorite Office Beverage: Coffee.
Favorite 80's sitcom: Cheers.
Love about MN: Long summer days.
Hobbies: Gardening, Watching Sports, and Spending time with my family.



BradJohnson Alt1


What do I enjoy about my job: I enjoy speaking and working with medical staff and knowing the products and services we provide and support makes a positive impact on the well being of their patients.
Favorite Office Beverage: Coffee.
Favortie 80's sitcom: Happy Days.
Love about MN: I love the lakes and hot summers.
Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, playing guitar, golf, hockey, swimming.





What do I enjoy about my job: I enjoy meeting my customers, being a great resource for them & able to save them money.
Favorite Office Beverage: Latte less hot
Favorite 80's sitcom: Seinfeld
Love about MN: Everything, especially Duluth!
Hobbies: Creating memories with my two sons, family, friends, cheering on sons college football games, softball golf, travelling, voluteering at the VA Hospital and being the University of St. Thomas Parent Cmte President.





What do I enjoy about my job: I enjoy interacting with people and helping customers receive a great product at a cost savings.
Favorite Office Beverage: Caramel Macchiato Coffee, Diet Coke.
Favorite 80's sitcom: Seinfeld, Cheers, Fraiser.
Love about MN: Hot and humid, it's the best!!
Hobbies: Golf, reading, grilling (yes on Hot & Humid nights) and gathering with friends. My most favorite past time is..watching the Green Bay Packers!





What do I enjoy about my job: Everyday is different and brings new learning opportunities.
Favorite Office Beverage: Coffee.
Favorite 80's sitcom: The Cosby Show.
Love about MN: Warm summers and the lakes.
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends. I like to go up north as much as I can.



Alejandro 3


What do I enjoy about my job: Learning new ways to help my customers find what they need at great pricing.
Favorite Office Beverage: Caribou's French Vanilla Latte
Favorite 80's sitcom: ALF
Love about MN: Great people everywhere! Fall season is just breathtaking.
Hobbies: Travelling with my wife and our 2 kiddos, playing bass at church and spending time with friends.



JeffAthey 1Alt


What do I enjoy about my job: Building relationships with customers and doing the work for the customer in matching their facility needs to the right product.
Favorite Office Beverage: Water
Favorite 80's sitcom: Who's the Boss?
Love about MN: The Vikings and the summer weather.
Hobbies: Fishing, softball, and coaching my son Jaxson and daugher Sydnee's many sports teams.



VictorKeise 1Alt


What do I enjoy about my job: I enjoy building relationships and walking into new challenges everyday with my teammates.
Favorite Office Beverage: Green Tea
Favorite 80's sitcom: Family Matters/The Cosby Show

Love about MN:
All four-ish seasons; winter, winter/spring, summer & fall/winter

Hobbies: Family, cooking, traveling & sports.



LarryF 2Alt
What do I enjoy about my job: Working with a great team of experienced sales professionals that really care about their customer's needs, and making their jobs easier for them.
Favorite Office Beverage: Coke
Favorite 80's TV Show: Miami Vice
Love about MN: The four different seasons, with over 15,000 lakes, wildlife and the varied topography covering prairies to forests. Minnesota in the summer!
Hobbies: Spending time with my wife, sons and grandsons. Working on and driving my 1969 Pontiac GTO.