MPR Sizers

Dilators and sizers create the femoral socket for the ACL reconstruction. The dilators are also used to form the pilot hole that facilitates placement of the blunt PerFixation™ screw. Our specialized orthopedic instruments gradually increase in diameter and are used to accomplish the new method of implant site preparation called bone compaction. Bone compaction moves and preserves plasty, a single drill hole is created with a small diameter wire or dilator. The socket is deepened and widened by placement of successively increased diameter dilators and sizers. The cancellous bone is for interference fixation screws. Bone compaction minimizes the chance of screw migration, divergence, convergence, and loosening. The gold-colored tips on the dilators and sizers are 25mm in length to ensure proper depth of the femoral socket. Cannulated and non-cannulated dilators range in diameter from 4mm to 8mm, and sizers (cannulated and non-cannulated) range from 9mm to 12mm.


11019    9 mm  Sizer
11020  10 mm  Sizer
11021  11 mm  Sizer

11022  12 mm  Sizer


Made in USA. Trials available.


A stable, time-proven orthopaedic product.


Designed by Dr. Lanny Johnson, M.D.

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