MPR TKA Alvarado 3.0 System

Improved MPR Alvarado!


New Trimline boot:

  • offers FULL-PLATE WELD on boot bottom to help seal out debris
  • Boot has no holes or openings
  • revised boot shape to accommodate malleolar bone
  • allows for a larger foot
  • maintains sturdy and malleable construction
  • Competitor's Recall Notice


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This improved classic Alvarado positioner system allows ready access to the knee as well as selective adjustments to the degree of rotation. Positioner's boot, or splint assembly, is constructed of aluminum. System also includes IMPROVED fully welded base plate with no screws. Made in USA.



Complete MPR TKA Alvarado 3.0 System, includes following components:



Aluminum boot


Base plate assembly


Support assembly, right foot (acts as anchoring bracket for clamping to OR table rails)


Support assembly, left foot (acts as anchoring bracket for clamping to OR table rails)


Stabilizing plate (enables system to be easily repositioned and creates stable surface on top of surgery pad)

MPR100211 Total knee pad with roll of latex-free self-adherent wrap (optional)


Requires blade type socket (not included).


Close-ups of new full-plate boot weld shown below.


MPRAlvaradoSideWeld8 14 19 edit3

MPRAlvaradoHeelWeld8 14 19edit2


Aluminum boot and Base Plate Locking Clamp (MPR-BMP) shown below.

   MPRAlvaradoNewBoot7 26 19   MPR1320 000AlvaradoSyswBMP


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Carbon fiber composite boot (1320-015F) also available, as well as Ball Joint Block and Universal Ball Joint Boot combination that allows knee to tilt and rotate (1320-BJB and MPR-BJBT).


Trials are available and we offer trade-ins for excess equipment--please contact us!


We offer a 2 year manufacturer warranty.


A stable, time-proven orthopaedic product.

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Additional Info

  • Unit of Measurement: Each
  • Catalog Number: 1320-000