MPR Original Shoulder Holder

Shoulder Holder, sometimes called the Suspender, combines two-piece construction and a pulley system to suspend the patient's shoulder, not place it in traction. Shoulder traction, with the arm tied to a fixed point, can cause potential neurovascular problems if traction is excessive or prolonged. The shoulder suspender utilizes a system of pulleys, allowing some shoulder mobility. It allows shoulder abduction, adduction, and rotation as well as humerus flexion and extension at the glenohumeral joint. Suspension without traction reduces the chance of patient injury.


The shoulder suspender provides excellent shoulder joint exposure--simply secure the patient's arm with skin traction and an elastic wrap, then connect the skin traction device to the pulley system and counterbalance with weights. The shoulder suspender assembles easily with one Allen screw and attaches to the table with a Clark clamp. Lightweight for easy maneuverability; anyone in the OR can lift and position it on the table. Weights for counterbalancing the arm are not included.


Vertical pole:      Length:  75"

                           Diameter:  2"

Horizontal pole:   Length:  48"

                           Diameter: 2"


Designed by Dr. Lanny Johnson, M.D.


Made in USA. Trials available.


We repair non-working holders/positioners. CLICK HERE for repair form.


We also offer trade-ins for excess equipment.  Please contact us!


A stable, time-proven orthopaedic product.

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  • Catalog Number: 10209