MPR TKA Alvarado 3.0 System w/ Ball Joint Block

NEW Ball Joint Style Alvarado System--Only from MPR!


Positioner system, or knee holder,  with innovative Ball Joint Block and Ball Joint Boot, has necessary adjustments to tilt, rotate, flex or extend the knee into infinite positions.  Unique design allows the leg to be manipulated into the desired position and securely locked in place.  Positioner's boot, or splint assembly, is constructed of aluminum



Complete MPR TKA Alvarado 3.0 System with Ball Joint Block includes the following components:

1320-011 Base plate assembly
1320-BJB Ball Joint Block
MPR-BJBT Universal Ball Joint Boot
1320-012 Support assembly, right foot (acts as anchoring bracket for clamping to OR table rails)
1320-013 Support assembly, left foot (acts as anchoring bracket for clamping to OR table rails)
1320-014 Stabilizing plate (enables the system to be easily repositioned and creates a stable surface on top of surgery pad)


Requires blade type socket (not included)


We offer a 2 year manufacturer warranty.


Examples of positioning options shown at left and below


MPR1320 003AlvaradoSyswBallJointBootAlt1  MPR1320 003AlvaradoSyswBallJointBootAlt2


Retrofit your existing Alvarado


Ball Joint Block and Universal Ball Joint Boot also available separately to retrofit your existing Alvarado system.  Block is compatible with slotted hooks of standard Alvarado base plates.  Ball Joint Block and Universal Ball Joint Boot components are shown below.

 Ball Joint Alvarado socketMPRUniversalBJBoot5 7 19 edit


Base Plate Locking Clamp (MPR-BMP below left)

and All-In-One Socket (MPR-CS-AIO below right) also available.

MPR1320 000AlvaradoSyswBMP     MPR AIO CSRailCU


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Trials are available and we offer trade-ins for excess equipment--please contact us!


A stable, time-proven orthopaedic product.


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Additional Info

  • Unit of Measurement: Each
  • Catalog Number: 1320-003