MPR Base Plate Locking Clamp

NEW! Locking clamp and blade post combination that allows quick and efficient base plate positioning and securing on the OR table.


  • Locking Clamp easily mates to base plate edge
  • Clamp's locking knobs tighten to secure base plate
  • Clamp fits into a blade-style socket--works well with MPR All-In-One Clark Socket (MPR-AIO-CS) or MPR Stainless Steel Blade Socket (MPR-BC) (not included)
  • Can be used with the Alvarado, MIKP and other flat positioner base plates


           MPR BMPKnobClampCU6 24 202                    



MPR BMPLockingClampwithLabels   



Clamp is shown with Alvarado Ball Joint Block Positioner (below left) and

MIKP Ball Joint Block Positioner (below right).


Alavardo Clamp         MIKP Clamp


MPR All-In-One Socket (MPR-CS-AIO, shown alone below left, and with locking clamp below right) also available.


Made in USA. Trials available.


A stable, time-proven orthopaedic product.

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Additional Info

  • Unit of Measurement: Each
  • Catalog Number: MPR-BMP