MPR Reverse Curettes, 17"

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Used to remove cement along the femoral wall.  May also be used to remove the cement restrictor if sufficient room exists to bypass restrictor along the femoral wall.  Instrument features include:


- Radel® handle.

- Alignment mark on mallet striking plate to help guide tip orientation.

- Stainless steel construction.

- Overall length: 17" (43.18 cm).

- Made in USA.

- Several tip widths available.


Catalog #


MPR912 6 mm x 17”
MPR913 7 mm x 17”
MPR914 9 mm x 17”
MPR915 11 mm x 17”


Close-ups of tip example and mallet striking plate with alignment mark, as well as comparison of tip ends, shown below.


MPRReverseCuretteCU  MPRRevAlignMark 



Trials available.

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