MPR Curved Jaw Vise Grips/Pliers

Often used for revision, extraction, explanting. Also known as locking pliers. Flat surfaces allow for easy cleaning, and the smooth gliding locking mechanism enables easy one-handed opening and closing. On larger sizes, unique construction features threaded inserts on both the side and back to hold a slap hammer (not included).


Stainless steel construction, designed to withstand repeated sterilization cycles over years of use. Made in USA. Available in various sizes:


MPR820     5" (125mm) Curved Jaw Vise Grips (back insert only)

MPR822     8" (200mm) Curved Jaw Vise Grips (side and back insert)

MPR823     10" (250mm) Curved Jaw Vise Grips (side and back insert)


Side Insert                                               Back Insert

CrvdJawwithHammerSide               CrvdJawwithHammerBack


Curved Jaw                       Side Insert                           Back Insert

CrvdJawCU      CrvdJawSideCU   CrvdJawBackCU

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  • Unit of Measurement: Each