MPR Lateral Positioning Peg Board System, with Non-Coated Plastic Peg Posts

Orthopedic peg board positioner with non-coated plastic pegs.


MPR-2101-NCP - Complete MPR Lateral Positioning Peg Board System, includes following components:


MPR9101-N - Peg board (47" W x 19" H x 1" T)


MPR9106-4 - Set of four 6" pegs (non-coated plastic posts)


MPR9108-4 - Set of four 8" pegs (non-coated plastic posts)


MPR9104-PR - Set of 2 peg board clamps (for securing the peg board to the OR table)


MPR2100-G - Gel overlay for peg board (20" W x 46" L x 1/2" H)




1 year manufacturer's warranty.


Requires 2 Blade sockets for use (not included).


MPR Lateral Positioning Peg Board System with Coated Metal Peg Posts (MPR-2100-M), Peg Board System with Non-Coated Metal Peg Posts (MPR-2101-NCM) and Peg Board System with Coated Plastic Peg Posts (MPR-2100)  also available.


Some of our many peg options, foam pads and other peg board accessories shown below, as well as peg board extension option.

 MPRPegBoardCombo11 18

PegBoard Expandable

MPR offers trade-ins for excess equipment.  Please contact us!


Made in USA. Trials available.


A stable, time-proven orthopaedic product.


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  • Unit of Measurement: Each
  • Catalog Number: MPR-2101-NCP