MPR Elbow/Hand Holder

The elbow/hand holder effectively secures the arm during open or arthroscopic elbow procedures and hand surgery. Combining a sturdy, stainless steel frame with a soft, cushioned foam pad, the elbow/hand holder facilitates placement of the arm into numerous positions. The angled stem anchors into a Clark attachment (Clark socket fits up to 5/8" round post). The holder adapts to virtually any size arm, and the “clever angle” in the stem allows positioning in all planes.


For elbow surgery, patients lie on their stomach, in the prone position. With the strap secured over a tourniquet on the upper arm, the arm pendulates down, allowing forearm and hand work. This mechanism provides a way to pull bone into place for external fixation of fractures with pins or open surgery of the hand, wrist, or forearm. Typically, Chinese finger traps are placed on the fingers to pull on the hand, wrist, or forearm, and the elbow is bent. The elbow/hand holder is placed against the arm for counter traction.


The foam pad is durable; its vinyl coating allows for cleaning with soapy solution without absorbing moisture.


Developed in conjunction with Russell Warren, MD.


Holder, shown with replacement strap and replacement foam pad.




Made in USA. Trials available.


A stable, time-proven orthopaedic product.

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  • Catalog Number: 10242