Bow & Arrow Drill Guide

If you've found that using a jig during surgery proves more difficult than the procedure itself, then your solution is MPR's Bow & Arrow. Aptly named the Bow & Arrow, reminiscent of William Tell who always hit his mark, you'll find accuracy William himself would have admired as you accurately place pins, wires, drill holes, and ligamentous grafts. Unlike other drill jigs available, the Bow & Arrow is fully cannulated to insure precise placement during surgery, saving you time.


The Bow & Arrow is constructed of the highest quality stainless steel; the entire system consists of a slotted arc (the bow), trocar (the arrow), two sizes of cannulated pin guides, and a cannulated and non-cannulated drill bit. The cannulated bit and pin guides have a bore diameter large enough to pass over a 3/32" k-wire. The specially designed trocar has a semi-blunt tip for arthroscopic insertion into the joint, yet its sharpened undersurface allows it to be secured without injury to the surface of the tibial plateau or femur. Made in USA.


The Bow & Arrow is designed for safety. When placing a k-wire through the cannulated pin guide, it will advance only to a line on the trocar, not the tip, so as to block the k-wire from bypassing the point, thus avoiding possible injury or loss of the pin.

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  • Unit of Measurement: Each
  • Catalog Number: 10730