MPR Jobe Shoulder Instrument Set

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Designed by Frank W. Jobe, M.D.  Instrument set is designed to facilitate exposure in the close confines of the glenohumeral joint. Created for both anterior and posterior approaches, the instruments are ideal for procedures such as the Bankart, Bristow, capsulabral reconstruction as well as other techniques involving the glenoid labrum.


MPR-JOBE-AWL-90, MPR-JOBE-AWL-110 and MPR-JOBE-CON-TEN feature an improved easy-grip SILICONE handle!


Made in USA.


Set (MPR-JOBE) includes:


Catalog #


MPR-JOBE-GNR Glenoid Neck Retractor (3 Prong)
MPR-JOBE-HHR-1 Humeral Head Retractor (1 Prong)
MPR-JOBE-HHR-1N Humeral Head Retractor (1 Prong Narrow)
MPR-JOBE-HHR-2 Humeral Head Retractor (2 Prong)
MPR-JOBE-DELTOID Deltoid Retractor (2 each)
MPR-JOBE-CON-TEN Conjoined Tendon Retractor
MPR-JOBE-SUB-SCAP Subscapularis Retractor
MPR-JOBE-AWL-90 Awl for Suture Holes (90°)
MPR-JOBE-AWL-110 Awl for Suture Holes (110°)
MPR-JOBE-CASE Instrument Case


Trays and instruments shown below.

MPRJobeSetwDel Trays




Case and tray has outline etching for easy placement of instruments during storage.



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Additional Info

  • Unit of Measurement: Each
  • Catalog Number: MPR-JOBE